Are Los Angeles Drivers the Worst in the Country?

Are Los Angeles drivers the worst in the country? A new study suggests they may be.  Los Angeles is a dangerous city in which to drive. Many people have long complained about how badly people drive in Los Angeles, and their complaints have been validated by the findings of a recent study. According to the Allstate America's Best Driver Report, Los Angeles ranked a dismal 193 out of 200 cities, demonstrating the problematic driving behaviors that are engaged in by L.A. drivers. In addition to the … [Read more...]

California Auto Accident Claims Involving Marijuana

California auto accident claims involving marijuana use by drivers is on the rise. The legalization of marijuana in California may result in an increase in auto accidents that are caused by impaired drivers who have smoked or ingested marijuana prior to driving. A recent study from the Highway Loss Data Institute demonstrated that there has been an increased number of car accident claims in Colorado, Oregon and Washington since recreational marijuana was legalized in that state. When people are … [Read more...]

Car Accident Attorney Representing California Seniors

As a car accident attorney who represents seniors throughout California including Los Angeles, I know that senior citizens involved in motor vehicle collisions are much likelier to suffer from serious injuries than are people who are younger. They may also be more likely to suffer from chronic and debilitating pain after their accidents. While defendants may argue that some conditions are pre-existing and were not caused by the accidents, if the accidents caused the symptoms of the conditions to … [Read more...]

California Auto Insurance Claims Basics

Filing and pursuing California auto insurance claims requires some basic knowledge of the types of coverage, the laws and the claims process. Motorists in California are required to have automobile insurance. The state has established minimum liability requirements, and there are a variety of different types of coverage and levels of insurance. People who are involved in accidents may file claims with the at-fault driver's insurance or with their own, depending on the types of coverage that they … [Read more...]

Road Rage Accident Attorney California

As a road rage accident attorney in California, I know that roadway agression is a very serious problem. Each year, millions of drivers engage in extreme episodes involving road rage on the nation's roadways. These incidents can result in serious accidents that may result in death or severe injury. It is important to understand the common scenarios in which road rage tends to arise and then to take steps to avoid them.Road rage statisticsAccording to the AAA Foundation for Traffic … [Read more...]

Rollover Accident Attorney California

As a rollover accident attorney in California, I know that incidents where vehicles overturn can be some of the most serious types of vehicle accidents that can often result in fatalities or other catastrophic injuries to people who are inside of the vehicles. While driver negligence may be the cause of a rollover accident, some are caused by defective parts that are installed in the car. When a driver's negligence causes a rollover accident, his or her passengers may be able to file civil … [Read more...]

Chest Injuries After A Car Accident

Chest injuries after a car accident are common and can be severe or more serious.  While seat belt use certainly saves lives, they can also cause chest injuries to people who are involved in car accidents. In an accident, the seat belt tightens in order to forcefully hold the person in place. This can cause several different types of injuries, including abrasions, bruising, fractures to the rib and sternum, injuries to the organs and intestinal injuries. It is important to seek medical help when … [Read more...]

Pregnancy Complications Following An Auto Accident

Pregnancy complications following an auto accident can be devastating.  Injuries can harm both the mother and her unborn baby, so it is critical to seek immediate medical attention after a car crash involving an expectant mother. Besides undue emotional strain, many physical conditions may affect a pregnant woman after the trauma of an accident.High-Risk PregnancyAny pregnancy that involves an injury is at high-risk for developing complications. Even a minor fender bender may cause … [Read more...]

Uber Passenger Injury Attorney Los Angeles

As an Uber passenger injury attorney in Los Angeles, I have seen the mobility of society give rise to various transportation network companies, or TNCs, in the last five years. Also called rideshares, these companies offer a less expensive option to taxis. In addition, they have attracted numerous drivers due to the scheduling flexibility for students or others who like the option of extra weekend work. However, the occupation is not without risks as accidents can occur when using a TNC.An … [Read more...]

Dealing With a Mercury Insurance Injury Claim

Mercury Insurance started out in California in 1962 and has since expanded to 13 different states and currently, has nearly 2 million policyholders. Mercury is known to cater to high-risk drivers who have had many collisions, past DUI convictions, or other traffic violations. For this reason, subsequent accidents among Mercury-insured drivers may be more frequent than some other companies that will not insure higher risk drivers. If you have sustained serious injuries in an accident caused by a … [Read more...]