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California’s laws on nursing home abuse are comprehensive, focusing on the protection of residents in nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities. The state has enacted specific statutes to address the issue, with the Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act (EADACPA) being a central piece of legislation. This Act outlines various protections for individuals from abuse or neglect in nursing homes or care facilities, covering physical abuse, neglect, financial abuse, abandonment, isolation, abduction, or any treatment that results in physical harm, pain, or mental suffering​​​.

Recent legislative actions have further strengthened protections for nursing home residents. The Skilled Nursing Facility Ownership and Management Reform Act, for example, introduces new rules to make it more difficult for negligent operators to obtain a license. This includes disqualifying applicants owning or operating a significant number of facilities, requiring a licensing application to be submitted at least 120 days before acquiring or operating a nursing home, and imposing sanctions on those who acquire or operate a nursing home before their application is approved​​.

Title 22 is another crucial regulation, detailing the operational standards every nursing home in California must meet, from food service to personal care and the overall supervision of residents​. The law emphasizes the importance of maintaining residents’ physical, mental, and medical well-being, ensuring they do not deteriorate unless medically unavoidable, and guaranteeing their right to choose their care and treatment options​.

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Los-Angeles-Car-Accident-LawyersAccording to the data compiled by the City of Los Angeles based upon Traffic Collision Reports made in relation to auto accidents city-wide from 2010 to the present, the following are the most dangerous roads in L.A.

  • Western Avenue – 7817 Traffic Collisions
  • Ventura Boulevard – 7012 Traffic Incidents
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In California, pedestrians are supposed to walk on the sidewalks and only cross streets at intersections or marked crosswalks. Pedestrians who are struck by cars while walking on the sidewalk or while crossing at crosswalks or intersections might be entitled to pursue compensation against the negligent drivers who crashed into them. However, what might happen when obstructions on a sidewalk make it impossible for a pedestrian to walk there and force him or her to walk in the street? Recently, a Los Angeles pedestrian filed a lawsuit against the city after she was struck by a car while walking in the street because a homeless encampment blocked the sidewalks.[1]

Woman sues LA following pedestrian accident

On Oct. 4, 2020, Debra Todd, a 64-year-old woman from Valley Village, walked to the 101 Freeway overpass near Gower Street to hand out sandwiches and water to people living in a homeless encampment located there. The sidewalk was obstructed by tents, furniture, and other belongings. Todd said she had no choice but to walk in the street because of the obstructions on the sidewalks. The median in that area was also filled with tents as another part of the encampment. When Todd attempted to cross Gower Street, she and a homeless man were struck by a Nissan being driven by a woman. The woman stayed at the scene and reported she had been driving at about 20 miles per hour. The car did not have any visible damage to its front end.

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Los-Angeles-Car-Accident-AttorneysAfter an injury accident in California, a victim may be entitled to recover damages from every party that contributed to the accident’s cause. In some cases, several parties may share liability. If a plaintiff cannot prove one of the elements of a cause of action, the trial court can grant a defendant’s summary judgment motion and dismiss the case. In Luebke v. Automobile Club of Southern California, Cal. Ct. App. Case No. B302782, the appeals court considered a case in which the trial court granted a summary judgment motion based on the plaintiff’s admission in an interrogatory.[1]

Factual and procedural background

On June 4, 2015, Brett Luebke was driving his car on northbound Interstate 405 when his vehicle’s engine died. He coasted onto the shoulder and called the Automobile Club of Southern California to ask for roadside assistance. Luebke remained sitting inside of his vehicle for two hours as he waited for a tow truck to arrive. While he was still there, an unlicensed driver named Tong Yin lost control of his car and ran off the road, striking Luebke’s vehicle in its rear.

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Navigating stairs can be difficult for some people. Unfortunately, falling while walking up or down stairs causes many injuries to people in California and across the U.S. every year. According to a study that was published in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine, more than one million people are injured in the U.S. in accidents involving stairs every year. These accidents affect people of all ages, but children, older adults, and women are likelier to suffer injuries.

The study

Researchers at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital, which is located in Columbus, Ohio, looked at stair accident data gathered by the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System between 1990 and 2012 for injuries that required emergency department treatment.[1]

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