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Steven Sweat Receives  10.0 Superb AVVO Rating

10.0Steven Mark Sweat
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Los Angeles personal injury attorney, Steven Sweat, has received a rating of 10.0 on  This is the highest rating possible by the AVVO attorney rating service.
This rating and is a reflection of Steven’s ongoing commitment and dedicated work to all of all his clients.
What is the Avvo Rating? is a website that helps people make informed decisions on how to pick the best possible attorney.  As stated on their website, their rating system is based upon peer reviews, publications, speaking engagements, customer reviews, experience, awards and other criteria.  While 97 percent of the attorneys in America have been rated by the AVVO directory.  The rating scale runs from 1 (“Extreme Caution”) to 10 (“Superb”).  Those with a perfect 10.0 “Superb” rating have demonstrated objective evidence of professional integrity and accomplishment.  They have been rated highly by their peers and by customers who have used their services.  As stated by AVVO, their criteria is as follows: “We calculate the rating based on public data we’ve collected on each attorney and the information they have provided in their profile. Information not supplied by the attorney comes from a variety of sources, including public records (state bar associations, regulatory agencies, and court records) and published sources on the internet (including attorneys’ websites).”
“This information is then considered and weighted by our mathematical module to calculate a numerical rating, ranging from 1 to 10. If we have limited information on an attorney, we may give them a rating of “Attention” or “No Concern.” We take into account factors that consumers and legal professionals believe are relevant to an attorney’s qualifications, including experience, professional achievements, and disciplinary sanctions. [or lack thereof].”
“Avvo publishes a numerical rating for all claimed profiles, as well as for all unclaimed profiles where we have gathered additional information or believe the numerical rating would benefit consumers seeking legal services.”
According to the AVVO web directory and rating service, “Here’s why the Avvo Rating can help you find the right lawyer:

  • It’s unbiased. Because ratings are calculated using a mathematical model, all lawyers are rated by the same standards.
  • There’s no favoritism. Here at Avvo, all lawyers are treated equally. They can’t pay to change their ratings, and we don’t play favorites to lawyers we know.
  • It’s developed by legal experts for non-experts. The model used to calculate the Avvo Rating was developed with input from hundreds of attorneys, thousands of consumers, and legal experts.
  • It’s easy to understand. With simple ratings from 1 to 10, we hope to make clearer the murky process of understanding lawyers’ backgrounds.”

While no single rating system can tell you everything you need to know to hire an attorney to assist you with something as important as a personal injury or wrongful death claim, it is good to know that there are objective ratings out there by which a lawyer can be compared with other attorneys.  Steven M. Sweat, APC is proud to hold the highest rating possible as a standout accident and injury attorney.  As stated in his AVVO profile:
About Mr. Sweat:
I am in the “business” of helping people. That is what I do. It is first and foremost above all else. Unfortunately, people don’t usually come to a lawyer when things are going great but, rather when something is going wrong. I always tell them: “For every problem, there is a solution.” I am here to find solutions and to make people’s lives better. Whether you have been in an accident and need help dealing with insurance claims and medical bills, have been wrongfully terminated by your employer and want redress, are facing criminal charges, I am here to help! I treat each and every client with respect. I return my client’s phone calls and emails promptly. I keep my clients informed about what is going on in their case and, most of all, I try to help them understand everything that they need to know to make an informed decision about resolving their particular issue.

Steven Sweat
Steven M. Sweat, APC
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