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Stryker Hip Replacement Surgery: An Important Component To Rejuvenate Defect Lawsuits

What is Stryker hip replacement?

In the world of medicine, Stryker Hip Implant was one of those surgical procedures that required no clinical trial due to the fact that it was similar to previous generations of hip prosthetic devices. Because it was such a ground breaking technology, one that seemed ingenious ever since it was tried, it quickly gained popularity in the medical community as remedy to hip dislocation and joint problems compared to previous generations of hardware.

However, over the years post-surgery complications have increased in patients who have undergone this procedure. In its initial years, medical practitioners claimed that Stryker was a not a metal-on-metal hip implant, unlike other older devices. Therefore, it was deemed to be a success. However, the smaller metallic components in this device used at the junction of the joint itself have created so many complications that a significant percentage of patients have experienced chronic pain and serious complications a few months following the the surgery.

Problems arising out of Stryker Rejuvenate hip prosthetic

The complications and problems as a result of Stryker Rejuvenate are not run of the mill post-surgical pain and discomfort that can be remedied with medication or physiotherapy. The complications that some Stryker patients experience tend to stem from the components of the device themselves. Therefore, with Stryker, the concern is that once a complication has arisen there may be no alternative but to surgically remove the device and surrounding tissues in some cases.

The following are some of the symptoms experienced in patients who are recipients of defective Stryker devices:

  • Experiencing pain while going up the stairs.
  • Hearing pop sounds from the hip joint.
  • Dull and sharp pain near the hip joint.
  • Pain during movements like sitting in a car.
  • Severe joint pain.
  • Inflammation and soreness around the implant.

Unfortunately, the nature of the internal damage that may be related to Stryker hips, patients are at risk for developing complications such as heavy metal poisoning. Blood tests have shown that the metal components of the implant are increasing metallic composition of the blood which is very harmful for the body. Such a condition is called heavy metal poisoning, something that has severe complications due to the chromium and cobalt used in the devices.

In some cases, a patient may have no apparent symptoms of heavy metal poisoning it is not always visible symptom, becoming all the more dangerous because the levels may be building in the body without a patient’s knowledge.

Legal issues surrounding the technology

Patients who have been diagnosed with heavy metal poisoning as a result of Stryker are advised to undergo a hip revision surgery. The aim of this procedure would be to replace the components that are malfunctioning, making the hip joint fully functional again. With medication and regular checkup, the concentration of metals is the blood will be reduced and the pain and soreness around the joint will be minimized.

However, being a patient who had just heard the news of his surgery becoming a failure is hard. Not only this, it is not fair on the patients who went through tremendous pain and suffering to get a hip implant only to discover it has harmed them even more. Therefore, patients of Stryker are now entitled to legal compensation that can be demanded by hiring a Stryker hip recall lawyer.

Following are the areas that the compensation accounts for:

  • Medical expenses of the revised surgery and any medications prescribed.
  • If you have experienced disability as a result of the procedure, compensation would also cover that.
  • Any loss of wages because of being unemployed as a result of the surgery will be accounted for by your lawyer in the compensation.
  • Rehabilitation following a revision surgery

Presently, Stryker cases have been consolidated into a multi-district litigation (MDL) where the cases will be consolidated for discovery purposes.


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