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Despite decades of educational campaigns and enforcement efforts, drunk driving continues to be a problem in California and across the U.S. When people go out for drinks, they sometimes wrongly believe that they are okay to drive instead of calling cabs or ride-shares to get home safely. People who choose to get behind the wheel when they are intoxicated place themselves and others at risk. Unfortunately, this does not deter some people from driving drunk. When people are seriously injured or killed in drunk driving accidents in Los Angeles, the victims and their family members may be entitled to recover damages by filing personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits.

Drunk driving accident and arrest statistics

A review of statistical data by Smart Advocate from 2009 to 2018 compared drunk driving arrests in large cities across the U.S. In Los Angeles, there was an average of 1,804 drunk driving arrests per 100,000 people each year during the 10 years. Los Angeles has experienced a steady decline in the number of drunk driving arrests since 2009. In 2018, the total number of DUI arrests in the city was 4,755. By contrast, the total number of DUI arrests in 2009 was 9,020. While this is a substantial improvement, Los Angeles still ranked number 16 among the cities with the greatest number of DUI arrests in the U.S.

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In California, cities have immunity when people are injured while using paved or unpaved trails because of the design or location of the trail. The immunity does not apply when the injuries are caused by a dangerous condition that is unrelated to the trail, however. In Reed v. City of Los Angeles, Cal. Ct. App., Case No. B294531, the courts considered whether a badminton rope stretched across a bicycle trail was an unrelated dangerous condition or could have caused injuries to people regardless of whether they were using the trail.[1]

Factual and procedural background

On Sept. 12, 2015, Sells Reed III was riding his bicycle at 5:30 a.m. on a paved path that was adjacent to some sports fields in MacArthur Park in Los Angeles. Some people who were not connected to the City of Los Angeles had stretched a rope of a badminton net across the path. Reed did not see the rope and struck it, causing him to fall backward from his bicycle and to suffer multiple injuries. He filed a lawsuit against Los Angeles, alleging that the city had constructive notice of the existence of a dangerous condition on public property or that the city’s public employees were negligent in the performance of their jobs, resulting in his injuries.

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Kobe-Bryant-Wrongful-Death-LawsuitThe deaths of Kobe and Gianna Bryant along with the other people who were on the helicopter with them shocked the world. As thousands of mourners went to the Staples Center in Los Angeles for a memorial service to remember the victims, Kobe Bryant’s widow, Vanessa Bryant, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the pilot’s estate and the helicopter company on several grounds. The civil complaint was filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court. While Kobe Bryant’s estate is estimated at $600 million, there are several reasons why Vanessa Bryant may have filed a lawsuit other than to add to her family’s vast wealth.

Key legal issues in the wrongful death lawsuit

Vanessa Bryant’s lawsuit names the estate of Ara Zobayan, who was the pilot who also died in the crash, Island Express Helicopters, and Island Express Holdings as defendants. Her claims against the estate are based on negligence, and the claims against Island Express Helicopters and Island Express Holdings are based on principles of vicarious liability.  Note: For a full copy of the actual lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court click here:  1784052393(1-72)

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los-angeles-bike-pedestrian-accident-attorneysCountries and cities around the world have started Vision Zero initiatives to eliminate all traffic fatalities. In 2015, Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti started the city’s Vision Zero initiative to work toward the elimination of all traffic deaths by 2025. Unfortunately, data demonstrates that traffic fatalities have continued to rise despite the initiative. There are several reasons why the traffic fatality rates show no signs of slowing, including poor infrastructure for bicyclists and pedestrians, distracted driving, and traffic congestion on the city’s streets and roadways.


According to data released by Vision Zero and reported by the Los Angeles Times, 244 people died in traffic accidents in Los Angeles in 2019. While this represents a slight decrease of 0.8% from 2018, the statistics about pedestrian and cyclist deaths are more troubling. Since the start of Vision Zero in 2015 in the city, the total number of traffic fatalities has increased by 33%. Pedestrians represent a small percentage of accidents that occurred at 8%. However, they represent 44% of the fatalities that happened over the five years since the start of Vision Zero. In 2019, pedestrians represented 55% of the traffic fatalities that happened in Los Angeles.

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Zantac-Cancer-Lawyers-CaliforniaMillions of Americans have been prescribed Zantac or have taken it over-the-counter to treat the symptoms of acid reflux. Californians who have taken Zantac or its generic ranitidine may be at risk of developing cancer. While many people in California have relied on this drug and have assumed it is safe, research has recently demonstrated that Zantac and ranitidine contain a known carcinogen, and the drug itself may interact with other substances to form the carcinogen in the body. The personal injury attorneys at Steven M. Sweat Injury Lawyers APC represent people who have developed cancer because of this dangerous drug.

What is Zantac?

Zantac is a brand of ranitidine that may be prescribed to treat ulcers of the stomach and intestine and to keep them from returning.[1] It is also used to treat several other digestive problems, including the following:

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men-vs-women-drivers-accidentsThere is a long-running stereotype that women are poor drivers as compared to men. While there are gender-related differences in the accident rates, the statistics do not necessarily show that women cause more accidents than men. In many states, men are charged higher insurance premiums. However, differential auto insurance pricing based on gender is no longer legal in California. While standup comics might joke about women being terrible drivers, and men sometimes tease women about the stereotype, taking a look at the data can help you to decide whether the stereotype is rooted in fact or is false. It is important to look at both the raw data and the reasons behind the differences in accident rates.

Who causes more accidents in Los Angeles?

In a study that was conducted by Crosstown, researchers found that men in Los Angeles cause a much greater percentage of accidents in Los Angeles than women. The researchers analyzed data that had been collected by the Los Angeles Police Department from the past 10 years. Out of almost 500,000 accidents that occurred in the city during that time, the researchers found that men were responsible for causing 60%, and women were responsible for causing 40%. Men caused 264,078 accidents during the 10 years, and women caused 171,343 accidents.

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Allergan-Breast-Implant-Injury-Attorneys-CaliforniaMany women in California and across the U.S. have received breast implants, including for breast reconstruction after breast cancer. Other women have chosen to get implants to enhance their appearance. Women who have received implants should be able to feel confident that their implants are safe. Unfortunately, however, one of the most popular types of implants, the BIOCELL® Textured Breast Implants and Tissue Expanders, were the subject of a voluntary recall by Allergan on July 24, 2019. Allergan’s voluntary recall was issued after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a safety advisory about the breast implants.

If you have received the BIOCELL implants, you may have grounds to file a lawsuit against Allergan. The product liability attorneys at the law firm of Steven M. Sweat, Personal Injury Lawyers can help you to understand the legal options that you might have.

Which Allergan breast implants are included in the recall?

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juul-vaping-injuryOver the past decade, vaping and e-cigarettes have greatly increased in popularity. This is especially true among young adults and teenagers. While the smoking rates among teenagers have fallen for decades, Juul and other e-cigarette devices are reversing the trend.

The National Institutes of Health conducted a survey of 44,000 teens in 2018. According to the study, 37.3% of teenagers in the 12th grade reported that they vaped. This was a sharp increase from the 28% who reported vaping in 2017, and there are few signs that the number will decline. Unfortunately, Juul and other e-cigarette devices are dangerous and can cause serious injuries and addiction.

What is Juul?

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Los-Angeles-Pedestrian-Bicycle-Accident-LawyersCalifornians should be able to walk or ride bicycles safely in cities across the state. However, the roads in most of the state’s cities are woefully inadequate, endangering pedestrians and cyclists. Many state roads that run through cities are congested with vehicle traffic, and many do not have the right infrastructure to allow cyclists to share them with cars or pedestrians to safely cross them. The lack of adequate infrastructure on state roads that double as streets in cities in California has contributed to the high injury and fatality rates of bicyclists and pedestrians.

One bill, SB 127, that was passed in the legislature would have helped to solve some of the issues by requiring Caltrans to add safety infrastructure for bicyclists and pedestrians when state roads that double as streets in cities are repaired. However, Gov. Gavin Newsom recently vetoed this bill instead of signing it into law. His action potentially threatens the safety of many Californians when they ride bicycles or choose to walk to reach their destinations.

Pedestrian and bicycle injury and fatality statistics

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wrongful-death-lawyer-los-angelesThe family members of people who are killed by the negligent or wrongful actions of others in California can file wrongful death lawsuits against the negligent or wrongful actors. By filing lawsuits, the family members might recover damages to compensate them for their economic and non-economic losses. While economic losses are fairly simple to calculate, non-economic damages are more nebulous and difficult to calculate. In Fernandez v. Jimenez, Cal. Ct. App., No. B281518, the court considered whether a non-economic damages award of $45 million was excessive in a wrongful death case.

Factual and procedural background

Claudia Fernandez was a single mother who was 38-years-old. She had four children who ranged in ages from 22 to 10 and worked in an animal hospital to support them. Her children’s names were Rachel Fernandez, Jeremy Valle, Donovan Valle, and Ryan Valle. Rachel was attending college, and the three younger brothers were all enrolled in school.

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