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Korean personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles are not unheard of but, quality accident lawyers for the Korean American community are far too few, in my opinion.  This is a shame in that the Los Angeles area including Orange County and the Inland Empire has the highest concentration of Koreans anywhere in the world other than Korea itself.  In fact, it is estimated that somewhere between 500,000 and 600,000 Koreans and their families live in Southern California.  For this reason, I see a great need in the community for a quality, honest, hard working law firm to get maximum compensation for accident victims.  That is why I created my new website:

While the site has just begun, my hope is to grow this as a great online resource full of good information for consumers to go to when they have been injured in any type of accident including car crashes, slip and fall mishaps, pedestrian injuries, and any other type of catastrophic event that causes bodily harm or wrongful death.

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