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In California, institutions of higher education have a duty of care to protect their students from reasonably foreseeable dangers, including foreseeable acts of violence committed by other students. In The Regents of the University of California vs. Superior Court of Los Angeles County, Cal. Ct. App. Case No. B259424, the court defined the standard of care that applies, when triable issues of material fact might exist, and when governmental immunity may apply.

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For the fall 2008 semester, Damon Thompson enrolled in classes at the University of California-Los Angeles. Thompson began having problems almost immediately and suffered from paranoia and auditory hallucinations. Thompson complained multiple times to the residence director of his dormitory and to his professors about his beliefs that other students were verbally harassing and threatening him.

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California Pool Accident Attorney, Los Angeles Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer

California Swimming Pool Accidents

Swimming pool drowning accidents in California are some of the most tragic yet preventable catastrophes that can befall a family, especially one with young children.  This post is meant to shed light on the extent of the dangers and provide some guidelines on how such tragedies can be prevented.

Statistics on California Swimming Pool Injuries and Fatalities

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