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West Covina

As injury attorneys West Covina, we know that anyone can experience an accident at any time and at almost any place. Accidents have many causes and often result from the actions or negligence of others. The victims of such accidents will require the assistance of an award-winning law firm that has helped hundreds of people in the San Gabriel Valley including Covina, El Monte and Baldwin Park, obtain compensation for injuries related to auto accidents, slip and falls, trucking collisions, motorcycle and other types of mishaps.

Why is West Covina and the San Gabriel Valley Prone to Motor Vehicle Collisions

Statistically speaking, West Covina and the various surrounding communities in the San Gabriel Valley have a higher percentage of motor vehicle accidents than other parts of Los Angeles County. Most experts attribute this to the fact that the area is a transportation hub for both east-west and north-south traffic on busy freeways the Interstate 10, the 210 Pasadena Freeway, the 60 freeway, the 57 freeway and the 605 motorway. This leads to common accident scenarios such as stop and go traffic rear-enders, intersection collisions, crashes caused by unsafe lane changes and even head-on wrecks caused by distracted driving or drivers being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Accident Attorneys Injury Lawyers West Covina

Accident and injury lawyers West Covina basically help ensure that you receive compensation for the personal injury you suffer because of someone else´s fault. The compensation benefits can be used to help foot the medical bills, compensate for property damage, past and future lost earnings, and pain and suffering etc. Personal injury generally covers a wide range of legal injuries that are caused by numerous different accidents such as car accidents, work related accidents, dog bites, slip and falls, and dangerous hazardous products etc.

Any person who is the victim of bodily harm caused by someone else´s careless, irresponsible, and negligent behavior can file a claim for personal injury. Individuals or entities that are responsible for causing the harm, more often than not, are financially protected by an insurance policy. During such times, an accident attorney works his/her magic and helps the victim collect/recover from the insurance company. The accident attorney will file a lawsuit if the two parties involved in the case cannot agree on a fair settlement.

West Covina Personal Injury Attorney FAQ

Let us try to address the most common question—why should you hire an experienced personal injury attorney? Any person who suffers from injuries after an accident because of someone else´s fault is by law permitted to make his/her case in civil court to recover compensation and damages from the responsible party. A personal injury attorney ensures that the victim wins his/her case and receives the compensation he/she deserves.

The advantages that can be derived from hiring the services of accident and injury lawyers West Covina are immeasurable. According to reliable sources, individuals who have attorneys representing them recover far more compensation than individuals who file a claim on their own. An attorney has the knowledge, expertise, and the ability to represent the victim with the insurance companies, as well as in the courtroom.

When should you pursue a personal injury claim? You should particularly pursue a personal injury claim if you get involved in an accident and suffer from injuries; however, the accident must be caused by the negligent act of another person. It is also possible for you to pursue a personal injury claim if your reputation has been harmed due to defamatory claims. You can also file a claim if you´ve been harmed or injured upon the usage of a defective product.

As a victim, you must be rather curious about the total amount of compensation you can receive for your personal injury. However, let us tell you that the exact value of any personal injury claim can´t be determined before a settlement is agreed upon by both parties. Therefore, it is ill-advised for you to trust a law firm that guarantees or promises an exact amount. Instead of hiring the services of a law firm that promises to recover an exact amount for your case, you should opt to partner a firm that promises to fight for the highest possible amount. The victims are entitled to receive compensation for the medical bills, property damage, past and future lost earnings, and pain and suffering.

West Covina and San Gabriel Valley Car Accident Lawyers

It is of paramount importance for you to get in touch with a car accident lawyer if you get involved in a car accident in West Covina and San Gabriel Valley. Thousands of cars and vehicles travel on the freeways and highways near West Covina and San Gabriel on a daily basis. Unfortunately, not all drive responsibly. Hence, no matter how safely you drive your car, you can always get involved in a car accident because of someone else´s fault. During such times, if you face injuries and want to receive compensation for your losses, it is imperative for you to hire the services of a car accident lawyer. Accident and injury lawyers West Covina will not only help you deal with the paperwork required in the court of law, he/she will also help you claim your insurance.

Bicycle and Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in West Covina

Motorcycle accidents can be fatal, to say the least. In fact, motorcycle fatalities account for nearly 15% of all motor vehicle deaths. Motorcyclists who get involved in accidents usually face injuries to the legs, feet, head and neck. If you are involved in an accident that you believe was caused by negligence on the part of the other party, it is recommended for you to hire the services of a motorcycle accident attorney to represent you. Reliable reports state that people who hire an attorney to represent them recover far more compensation than individuals who file a claim on their own. After all, an accident attorney has the knowledge, expertise, and the ability to represent you with the insurance companies, as well as in the courtroom.

Pedestrian Accident Attorneys in West Covina and the San Gabriel Valley

The area of West Covina and San Gabriel Valley has plenty of wonderful roads and highways. Hence, the roads in the area can get quite crowded. Now, when there are numerous vehicles on the roads, this automatically increases the likelihood of pedestrians sustaining injuries because of vehicle accidents. According to reliable reports, over 75,000 Americans are killed or injured every year, while navigating sidewalks, crosswalks, and roadways. If you sustain injuries because of a car accident while commuting as a pedestrian, you have the right to file a claim for compensation. Fortunately, there are plenty of pedestrian accident attorneys in West Covina and the San Gabriel Valley willing to work round the clock to ensure that you receive fair compensation for your misery. Visit the Yelp Page, for more information on accident and injury lawyers West Covina.

How a West Covina Accident Lawyer Can Help

Personal injury law is designed to help individuals who suffer injuries in mishaps that are the fault of someone else. A personal injury lawyer can help these victims take civil action against those deemed responsible for the purpose of receiving compensation. An attorney will help to guarantee that the victim receives an adequate monetary award to pay for the cost of medical care and any personal suffering or losses that may have resulted from the accident.

Individuals, property owners, businesses and other organizations can be held responsible for personal injuries suffered by other parties. However, the process of proving liability and obtaining damages can be complicated. This is why the victims of accidents need legal assistance to ensure that they will receive fair treatment under the law.

There are different aspects of the law that pertain to the issue of personal injury. The basis for most cases involves negligence on the part of someone or something. Under this principle, the responsible party did something that could be considered careless. The justification for any liability case is that the actions of the defendant went contrary to what a “reasonable” person would do under the same set of circumstances. One example would be a driver who greatly exceeded the posted speed limit and lost control of his vehicle, leading to a collision with another car. Another case could involve a business owner who failed to clean up water that had accumulated on the floor, causing a customer to slip and fall.

In order to prevail in a personal injury case, the injured party must prove that the defendant had a responsibility to protect others and failed to do so, and that the injuries directly resulted from these actions. A personal injury lawyer will work diligently to prove exactly who is culpable in order guarantee the successful outcome of the claim.

In cases of strict liability, the defendant can be deemed responsible without the need to prove actual negligence. Dog bites represent the largest number of cases in this category. Product liability is a type of strict liability in which manufacturers and sellers can be held responsible for injuries suffered by the users of defective products. An intentional wrongdoing involves the purposeful harm of one person by another, and these cases can involve both criminal and civil action against the defendant. A personal injury attorney understands the intricacies of the law and will use this knowledge to the best interests of each client.

Anyone injured in an accident should immediately seek medical attention and gather as much information as possible about the mishap. The victim should also seek the services of a West Covina personal injury attorney, who will do what is necessary to assure both justice and adequate compensation.

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Nothing in this communication (including endorsements or testimonials) should be construed as a guarantee, warranty or prediction as to the outcome of any legal matter.

Client Reviews
I have known Steven for some time now and when his services were required he jumped in and took control of my cases. I had two and they were handled with the utmost professionalism and courtesy. He went the extra mile regardless of the bumps in the road. I can not see me using any other attorney and I would recommend him to any of my family and friends. Josie A.
Steven was vital during our most trying time. He was referred by a friend after an accident that involved a family member. While he was critical and lying in the hospital, Steven was kind, patient and knowledgeable about what we were going through. Following our loss, Steven became a tough and aggressive negotiator and made sure that we receive a huge compensation. I would refer Steven in fact, this happened 2 years ago and I still speak highly of his service. Cheryl S.
Mr. Sweat is a pitbull in the courtroom as well as settlement negotiations - You can't have a better equipped attorney in your corner! It is a pleasure working as colleagues together on numerous cases. He can get the job done. Jonathan K.
Because of Steven Sweat, my medical support was taken care of. Plus, I had more money to spare for my other bills. Steven is not only an excellent personal injury lawyer, providing the best legal advice, but also a professional lawyer who goes beyond his call of duty just to help his clients! He stood up for me and helped me get through the process. I would definitely recommend. I couldn't think of any better lawyer than him. MiraJane C.
I must tell anyone, if you need a great attorney, Steve sweat is the guy! I had an awful car accident and had no idea where to turn. He had so much to deal with because my accident was a 4 car pile up. Not to mention all the other cars were behind me and they were not wanting to settle in any way! He never stopped working for me and had my best interest at heart! Audra W.
I believe I made the best choice with Steven M Sweat, Personal Injury. I was very reluctant to go forward with my personal injury claim. I had a valid claim and I needed a professional attorney to handle it. I felt so much better when I let Steven take my case. His team did everything right and I am very satisfied. Stia P.
I have to say that Steve has been exemplary! I met Steve at a point with my case that I was ready to give up. He took the time and dealt with all of my concerns. Most importantly, he was present and listened to what I was going through. He was able to turn things around, put me and my case on the right track! The results were better that expected! Highly recommend!! Cody A.