Types of Cases C – F

Construction Accidents – The construction industry is a dangerous one and injuries occur all the time. Our lawyers help individuals and their family receive compensation for any injuries that were sustained from a construction accident.

Cruise Ship Accidents – When a vacation doesn’t exactly go as planned and an injury occurs, we are here to help.

Dangerous Roadway Cases – We have had several cases involving dangerous conditions of public roadways or other public property.

Defective Products – We handle any type of injury involving a defective product. Prior claims have included defects in automobiles, tires, air bags, home heating devices, and numerous other dangerous or defective products.

Dog Bites – A dog bite can result in serious injury, even death. Our Los Angeles lawyers will help if you or someone close to you has been a victim of this type of injury.

Elevator Accidents – Due to lack of inspection or proper maintenance, elevators have been known to cause injury and death to individuals in the past.

Employment Claims – We handle all types of employment claims including, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, discrimination, failure to pay wages and other types of employment claims. We represent only employees in such suits.

Escalator Accidents – Escalators are found in buildings, shopping centers, etc. Although generally safe, a slight technical difficulty can result in disaster.