Train Accidents

The Law Offices of Steven M. Sweat is committed to seeking justice and compensation for individuals wrongfully injured in train accidents throughout the state of California.  Whether you have been injured as a pedestrian, car occupant, railroad employee (FELA claims), or commuter, our Los Angeles railroad accident lawyers have over forty years of collective experience seeking justice for train accident victims.  Although trains are considered one of the safest and longstanding forms of transportation, there are approximately 3,000 train accidents a year that cause nearly 1,000 deaths and far more injuries.  Many train injuries are the product of negligence by a rail line operator based on data from the federal government which reveals that nearly forty percent of train accidents are caused by human factors.  Because of the massive weight and size of locomotives, railroad crashes pose a high risk of catastrophic injuries and wrongful death.

Our law firm has the financial resources, railway industry expertise, and knowledge of relevant law to pursue the maximum recovery for our clients.  Because our law firm has successfully represented those injured by train crashes, we have extensive familiarity with the unique law, standards, and statutes of limitations that apply to these devastating accident claims.  Train accidents can take many forms and affect a single person, multiple passengers, or a whole community.  While a train crossing accident might claim the life of a single pedestrian, a train derailment can result in large scale causalities.  Further, a railroad accident involving a tanker car transporting toxic materials can endanger the health and safety of a surrounding neighborhood.

Our California train accident attorneys represent all types of victims injured in railway-related accidents including:

  • Pedestrians and Bystanders
  • Train Passengers
  • Railroad Employees
  • Drivers and Passengers in other Motor Vehicles

Operators of commuter trains, Amtrak, and other rail lines typically owe the highest degree of care and diligence for their passengers’ safety because they are considered “common carriers.”  In the most basic terms, a common carrier is an entity that transports goods or passengers for a fixed fee.  Railroads are subject to safety regulations promulgated by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA).  Violations of these safety standards and regulations often constitute a basis for imposing liability when non-compliance causes injury.

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