Swimming Pool Accidents

swimming-pool-accident-attorney-lawyer-CaliforniaSwimming pool accidents occur with too much frequency in Los Angeles and other parts of Southern California. A sunny day in the pool can easily take a turn for the worse. When swimming-pool accidents do happen, others don’t always understand how traumatic such occurrences are on family and friends of the injured person. This can be especially true when the pool’s owner doesn’t adhere to established safety codes, such as the Virginia Graeme Baker Act.  A simple lapse in judgment can lead to a serious injury such as electrocution or even in the death of a swimmer.

Of course, ignorance of the law or cost cutting is no defense when someone gets hurt, especially when the injured person is a child who has to deal with debilitating pool injuries for the rest of their lives. It is absolutely critical, then, if you or a loved one is injured in a swimming-pool accident, you contact a swimming-pool accident lawyer you can trust to get you justice and prevent similar accidents in the future.

Los Angeles Personal-Injury Lawyers Who Understand Swimming Pool Accidents

The Los Angeles area, including Orange County and the Inland Empire, is home to numerous spas and swimming pools open to children and families, and all of them should abide by federal and state safety laws. Sadly, however, not all do, and such disregard for the law is usually at the heart of drownings and other swimming-pool accidents. For example, some swimming-pool owners allow their protective fences to fall into disrepair, let their water qualities falter, and even, disregard the need for a lifeguard presence and training and regular pool maintenance.

Such faulty facilities are often the result of owners’ cost-cutting practices, but cutting costs should never come in the way of pool safety. Among the many dangers an un-maintained pool present, the following are certainly the most life-threatening:

  • Broken pool ladders or steps, or a complete lack of usable pool entrances/exits
  • Broken or non-existent fencing around the pool
  • Non-functioning swimming-pool lights that reduce nighttime visibility or, worse, cause electrocution
  • Non-existent divider lines to separate the deep and shallow ends of the pool
  • A lack of safety equipment like Sheppard’s hooks and throwing ropes with buoys
  • Defective gate latches or other non-functioning safety barriers
  • Dirty, murky water
  • Untrained and/or inexperienced lifeguards
  • Un-maintained pool systems

Every personal-injury lawyer from the Law Offices of Steven M. Sweat is an experienced swimming pool-accident lawyer and will hold negligent owners accountable. We devote time to investigating every swimming pool drowning or accident case we take fully, ensuring that we completely understand every factor involved in each case. This, in turn, allows us to determine which parties are legally at fault in swimming-pool accidents before cases move forward.

In fact, our experienced swimming-pool accident lawyer and partner, Steven Sweat, will personally listen carefully to every prospective client, review the unique circumstances of each case and consider the future outcomes of all injuries prior to filing a damages claim. For more information on how the swimming-pool accident lawyers at Steven M. Sweat, APC help victims of swimming-pool drownings and accidents in the Inland Empire, Orange County and Los Angeles areas, or to set up a consultation with one of our personal-injury lawyers, call us at 866-252-0735 now.