Sexual Assault / Abuse

Devastating Effects of Sexual Assault or Abuse

Victims of sexual assault / abuse can suffer a lifetime of emotional and physical damages.  Oftentimes, the criminal justice system lets these victims down by failing to prosecute the sex offenders or failing to obtain a conviction against these offenders. This is where a civil attorney can step in to achieve justice for the victims by prosecuting a civil claim against the perpetrators and/or others which may be found liable for money damages including employers who know or should know that they are employing or continuing to employ sexual predators.

Oftentimes the sex offender is employed by a corporate entity, religious institution or community organization and there is not a sufficient enough background check done prior to hiring by these entities.  Other times, employees provide clear indication that they are potential sexual predators during their employment but, the entity ignores the warning signs and continues to retain this dangerous employee.  In other instances there is just a lack of adequate supervision of employees which creates an environment that allows for sexual assaults and/or abuse.   In these situations, it is quite possible to hold the employer entity liable for the devastating damages inflicted by the employee offender.
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Common Scenarios Where Sexual Assault and Abuse Occur

We have represented victims assaulted and/or abused in the following types of institutions:

  •  Patients abused by doctors, nurses, or hospital or medical staff
  • Child abuse by priests, ministers, or other religious institution personnel
  • Boys and girls abused by leaders in community organizations
  • Abused dependent adults in mental health facilities and nursing homes
  • Abuse of children by teachers or school employees or administrators in public and private schools
  • Sexual assault of young women in college settings like dorms, fraternity or sorority houses
  • Sexual violence in the workplace
  • Domestic sexual abuse in dating or marital relationships

These cases require careful investigation, corroboration of facts and witnesses and precise preparation by experienced attorneys who are familiar with how to successfully represent abuse victims and are compassionate to the needs of the clients.  We have experience prosecuting civil claims for sexual assault and abuse throughout the State of California.   Our firm has successfully obtained monetary damages for victims of sexual assault and abuse in both Southern and Northern California including Los Angeles and Orange County.


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