Pedestrian Accidents

pedestrian-accident-attorney-lawyer-los-angeles-personal-injuryPedestrian accidents happen much more frequently in large cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego and other cities in California, the population is in the millions of and this bulges with the influx of tourists also each year. Because things are in such close proximity and parking and traffic can be difficult at times, many people choose to walk, skate board, rollerblade, jog, or run. Unfortunately, many more people use cars, trucks or SUVs to get around and when the walkers, joggers, skateboarders or persons on roller blades interact with the motor vehicles, crashes can happen.  This could be on a sidewalk, in an intersection, in a crosswalk or on the street.  Many times this happens with children around schools or playing in or around neighborhood roads. This happens all over Southern California from urban areas like south and central Los Angeles to beach communities like Santa Monica, Venice or Huntington Beach.

In fact, the statistics according to the Centers for Disease Control are as follows:

  • There is a pedestrian accident every 2 hours in the U.S.
  • Pedestrians are 1.5 times more likely to be killed in a traffic collision than a driver or passenger of a motor vehicle
  • Persons 65 years old or older account for 20 % of all fatal accidents
  • For children between the ages of 5 and 15, being struck by a car is the number one cause for a fatal motor vehicle collision
  • Alcohol or drug impairment is involved in 48% of all incidents involving an auto v. pedestrian collision resulting in injury or death

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Motor Vehicle Safety, Pedestrian Safety (2012) 

What are some of the more common causes of automobiles colliding with walkers?

Drivers end up hitting pedestrians for a number of reasons, which include but is not limited to:

* Talking on Cell Phones
* Running Red Lights
* Running Stop Signs
* Speeding
* Fatigue
* Drunk Driving

pedestrian accident attorneyWhat does CA law say about the right of way for persons traveling by foot within crosswalks or intersections?

In almost all situations, pedestrians have the right-of-way, according to California state law. In fact, California Vehicle Code 21950(a) requires that cars yield to persons walking in designated crosswalks and at unmarked walkways within intersections. Getting hit by a car can result in serious injury such as bone fractures, disability, and disfigurement. Other times, a pedestrian accident can be fatal. If the driver that hit you or your loved one in California was uninsured, you may still be eligible to receive compensation through your own insurance provider.

Why is it important to consult legal counsel promptly following a pedestrian mishap?

There are many aspects of presenting an auto accident claim of this type.  Determinations must be made as to the identity of drivers, registered owners, business owners with operators who may be in the course and scope of their employment at the time of the incident such as company drivers.  Evaluations must be made as to whether there was negligence and on the part of whom.  Insurance carriers must be identified and claims presented quickly.  All of this requires the skill of an experienced personal injury attorney who is adept at handling petitions for money damages between persons sauntering by foot and motor vehicles. Our Los Angeles accident attorneys have prosecuted hundreds of these claims in the last 20 years throughout California and have a tremendous success rate in obtaining money for the victims of these types of mishaps.

Recent Success Assisting Pedestrian Accident Victims:

By way of example, we recently assisted an individual that was run over by a vehicle while standing in a parking structure.  He was thrown to the ground and sustained major injuries to his knees and shoulder requiring surgery on both.  He had a job that required him to stand on his feet and perform manual labor tasks and had been unable to work for months following the incident.  He came to us for help.  We promptly went to work on the case.  We sent an investigator to the scene to photograph and diagram the area and obtained surveillance video of the incident from a nearby business.  We obtained funds for him to pay living expenses while he awaited the settlement of his claim.  We coordinated closely with the doctors to determine both his present medical needs and any future health care expenses he may require as a result of the incident.  In the end, we were able to obtain a total of $935,000 in gross proceeds for him and his family. Such prompt and aggressive legal investigation and advocacy can make all the difference in the level of monetary compensation received.

Note: past results are not a prediction, guarantee or warranty of your particular claim.  All cases require individual evaluation.

Discuss Your Potential Personal Injury Claim for Free and Retain An Attorney With No Cost Up Front

Over the past 20 plus years, Steven M. Sweat, APC has represented people struck and injured while walking, jogging or running on streets in California.  We have also represented the families of such persons who are struck and killed.  We do so with compassion, skill and expertise.  If you or a loved one have been injured by a motor vehicle while trying to cross the street, in a parking structure or anywhere where pedestrians and cars come in close proximity to each other, call our 24/7 injury helpline at 866-252-0735 for a free consulation with an experienced personal injury lawyer.  If we decide to take your case, we will not charge any fees unless and until the legal claims are resolved by way of a settlement or judgment.  Don’t go it alone, get professional assistance!  We are here to help!


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