Elevator Accidents

Elevator Accident Attorney Los Angeles, Elevator Accident Lawyer CaliforniaElevator accidents in California happen more frequently than one might think. New high rise buildings are being built every day throughout California (including San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco) and existing buildings with floors exceeding 10, 25, 50 and even 100 floors have extensive elevator networks which require constant monitoring and maintenance. With the new technology, elevators are safer than ever before. However, there are many people that are injured as a result of working on or around elevators or using elevators for transportation and the injuries are usually quite severe.

Below are statistics regarding workers that were injured while near or around elevators:

* In a nine year period there was an average of 21 persons a year killed as a result working on or around an elevator.
* Construction elevator installers and repairers hold the fifth highest rate of work related deaths in the construction industry.
* In a report taken by George Washington University, over a seven year period the highest rate of injuries were for traumatic brain injuries, cuts, sprains, and head injuries.

The fact remains that many injuries that are related to elevator accidents are fatal or cause significant injuries. Most of the reported injuries were caused by being struck by an object of some sort or from falls. Some additional data regarding elevator accidents are that in six year period, there were 83 deaths while installing or repairing an elevator, 27 deaths while working in an elevator shaft or car, and 36 deaths while working next to an elevator.

If you are injured at a job site as a result of negligence by a contractor or employer, you may be entitled to injury claim compensation for your injuries. It is important to contact an attorney that is experienced in personal injury, so that all of the facts about your case can be clearly defined.  Extensive investigation including expert inspection and testing may be required within a short time frame following an elevator accident or injury to determine what caused the accident and whether the cause can be attributed to negligent installation or construction, maintenance or repair or other issues regarding the operation of the elevator and all its components.  This is why it is important to retain the services of a California elevator accident attorney as soon  as possible after the incident.