Construction Injuries

Construction injuries can be a devastating event for a person to have to experience when producing an income from employment is the sole means of support. When someone is injured at work in California, the employer should take full responsibility in providing assistance for the injured worker. However, this is not always the case. Many injured workers in California are left with no way to support themselves after they become injured at work. In addition, these types of mishaps are not limited to construction employees.  Persons walking in or near construction zones can also fall victim to suffering bodily harm due to dangerous conditions on or near the property.

Have you suffered from a construction site injury that was due to negligence? An attorney can help. Contact a California construction site accident lawyer about your construction site injury today.

What are some of the more common mishaps and injuries that occur in and around construction sites and zones?

  • construction site accident attorney in CaliforniaFalls from an elevation including spills off a ladder, scaffold, or into a hole.
  • Burns from chemicals, fires or explosions.
  • Strikes to the head or body from swinging objects, re bar, tools, blocks, stone, cranes, dozers or other equipment.
  • Falls on debris strewn about the area.
  • Missteps due to incomplete construction of floor or ceiling joists, sky lights, elevator shafts or other hazards.
  • Plunges from heights due to lack of railings or other barriers.

Oftentimes this results in fractures to hands, wrists, arms, legs and feet.  It can also cause lacerations, abrasions, and blunt force trauma including internal damage as well as closed head injuries like concussions.  Scalding can also occur in and around hot surfaces and materials such as tar.

Why do cataclysms happen so often near building sites?

In a current report taken by the CDC, more than 11,200 construction site injuries are reported every year. Furthermore, the fifth highest cause of accidents in the US is construction site injuries. Of the injured victims, there are many that have no other means to provide for their families during these traumatic events. If your family member has been a victim of an injury, contact an attorney.

Even if an accident may appear to be a single, isolated event, job site safety should never be something to be compromised. An unfortunate fact is that the consequences for companies that violate safety guidelines are very low in comparison to the damage that is realized by the injured worker. If you are injured at work due to the negligence or irresponsibility of your employer or a contractor, you will need an attorney that is skilled in handling personal injury law. At the Law office of Steven M. Sweat, APC, our attorneys are experienced in handling construction site injury cases and will fight to get you the compensation that you deserve.  Call for a free consultation: Toll Free: 866-252-0735