Front Impact Bicycle Accidents

Front impact bicycle accidents comprise a disproportionate number of crashes causing serious injury or death every year.  Choosing to ride bicycles instead of driving motor vehicles is both healthier for the cyclists and better for the environment. Bicyclists face heightened risks of being seriously injured in collisions with motor vehicles, and it is important that they take precautionary measures to minimize their risks. Unlike the occupants of motor vehicles, cyclists do not have a protective … [Read more...]

Shocking Rise in Pedestrian Deaths

There has been a shocking rise in pedestrian deaths in the last few years.  When pedestrians are struck by motor vehicles, they are much likelier to be killed than are car occupants. Pedestrians do not have anything to protect them from the physical forces that are released in accidents or from the environment around them. This makes them much more susceptible to suffering catastrophic injuries or deaths when they are in accidents. A recent report shows that pedestrian fatalities have sharply … [Read more...]

Underreported elder abuse a major problem in nursing homes

Underreported elder abuse is a major problem in nursing homes according to recent studies. An increasing number of Californians are living longer, and some are living into their 90s. As people grow older, they may need nursing home care. Unfortunately, nursing homes are the setting of many cases of abuse and neglect. A recent federal audit demonstrated that nursing home abuse is a serious problem, and some nursing homes fail to report abuse that has happened to law enforcement agencies and … [Read more...]

California Forklift Accident Attorney | Los Angeles Injury Lawyer

As a California forklift accident attorney, I know that these incidents happen all too often throughout our state from urban areas like Los Angeles to more rural settings like the San Joaquin Valley and other agricultural areas.  According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, an average of 34,900 people are injured and 85 are killed in powered industrial truck accidents in the U.S. every year. There are some common scenarios that happen in accidents involving these machines, and … [Read more...]

California Scaffolding Injury Lawyer

As a California scaffolding injury lawyer, I know that injuries sometimes happen in and around construction sites from Los Angeles to many other parts of the state.  These incidents usually occur when the scaffolding collapses or construction workers or other persons fall from them. When these accidents happen, the victims may be killed or receive catastrophic injuries. When workers are injured or killed in scaffold accidents, the victims or their families may recover compensation from several … [Read more...]

Are Los Angeles Drivers the Worst in the Country?

Are Los Angeles drivers the worst in the country? A new study suggests they may be.  Los Angeles is a dangerous city in which to drive. Many people have long complained about how badly people drive in Los Angeles, and their complaints have been validated by the findings of a recent study. According to the Allstate America's Best Driver Report, Los Angeles ranked a dismal 193 out of 200 cities, demonstrating the problematic driving behaviors that are engaged in by L.A. drivers. In addition to the … [Read more...]

California Auto Accident Claims Involving Marijuana

California auto accident claims involving marijuana use by drivers is on the rise. The legalization of marijuana in California may result in an increase in auto accidents that are caused by impaired drivers who have smoked or ingested marijuana prior to driving. A recent study from the Highway Loss Data Institute demonstrated that there has been an increased number of car accident claims in Colorado, Oregon and Washington since recreational marijuana was legalized in that state. When people are … [Read more...]

Ankle Injuries After Slip and Fall

Ankle injuries after a slip and fall accident can range in severity and result in severe pain and limited mobility problems. When people injure their ankles in slip-and-fall accidents that result from the negligence of a business or an entity that is in control of the premises, the injured victims might recover damages by filing personal injury lawsuits against the business or property owner under a theory of law called premises liability. Here is what you need to know about ankle injuries that … [Read more...]

Shoulder Impingement Syndrome Personal Injury Claims

Shoulder impingement syndrome personal injury claims can run the gamut from mild to severe and the treatments vary depending upon severity.  Following an accident, many people suffer injuries to their upper extremities, resulting in chronic pain and disability. It is important for you to understand the anatomy of your shoulder and what can happen if you are in an automobile accident or another traumatic incident causing personal injury. Shoulder impingement syndrome is one type of condition that … [Read more...]

Airbnb Accident Injury Lawyer Attorney Los Angeles

As and Airbnb accident and injury lawyer in Los Angeles, I think that this space sharing service is a great concept but, many property owners who rent space have houses or apartments that can pose a danger for accidents and injuries that should be compensated. Airbnb is available to people who are wanting to travel to Los Angeles, allowing them to see the sights while staying on a budget. This service is to the hotel industry what ride-share services such as Lyft or Uber are to the taxi … [Read more...]