Broker and shipper liability for truck accidents in California

Truck accidents in California are far more frequent than they should be. Many truck drivers in California are under substantial pressure to get their goods to their destinations on time. This time pressure may lead some truckers to engage in such conduct as violating the hours of service rules, fudging their logbooks and engaging in negligent driving behaviors. In addition to truck drivers and trucking carriers, brokers and shippers may also be liable for some truck accidents. Shippers and … [Read more...]

Right Turn Bicycle Accident Claims

Right-hand turn bicycle accident claims are, unfortunately, an all too common occurrence in my experience in providing legal representation for cyclists. An increasing number of people in Los Angeles and throughout California are choosing to ride bicycles as a primary mode of transportation to their jobs. The League of American Bicyclists reports that nearly 1 million Americans are using their bicycles to commute. Between 2000 and 2013, the percentage of people who chose to ride bicycles to … [Read more...]

Hotel Maid Sexually Assaulted by Non-Employee May Sue for Sexual Harassment

Can an employee in California sue their employer if they are sexually assaulted in the workplace and the employer had some prior notice that the assault could occur?  The California Fair Employment and Housing Act ("FEHA") provides protections to workers from discrimination, including sexual harassment. The law allows workers to sue their employers when they suffer discrimination or sexual harassment while they are working. In M.F. v. Pacific Pearl Hotel Management LLC, Cal. App. 4th, No. … [Read more...]

Beauty Nail Salon Tattoo Parlor Injury Attorney Los Angeles

If you are like most people in Los Angeles, you likely view your time spent at beauty or nail salons or at tattoo parlors as a time to relax and be pampered. While most salons and parlors comply with the state's regulations governing them and are safe, some salons and parlors do not. In some cases, patrons at beauty and nail salons or at tattoo parlors may suffer serious injuries or infections because of the owners' failures to follow safety and hygiene regulations for their businesses. People … [Read more...]

Healthcare Worker Injury Attorney

As a healthcare worker injury attorney in Los Angeles and representing employees throughout California, I know that on the job injuries are all too frequent in the medical industry.  Many Californians view the health care profession as a safe and profitable sector. While health care professionals such as doctors and nurses can look forward to stable and comfortable incomes, they should also be aware of the risks that are involved with working in the field. Despite its reputation as being a safe … [Read more...]

Front Impact Bicycle Accidents

Front impact bicycle accidents comprise a disproportionate number of crashes causing serious injury or death every year.  Choosing to ride bicycles instead of driving motor vehicles is both healthier for the cyclists and better for the environment. Bicyclists face heightened risks of being seriously injured in collisions with motor vehicles, and it is important that they take precautionary measures to minimize their risks. Unlike the occupants of motor vehicles, cyclists do not have a protective … [Read more...]

Shocking Rise in Pedestrian Deaths

There has been a shocking rise in pedestrian deaths in the last few years.  When pedestrians are struck by motor vehicles, they are much likelier to be killed than are car occupants. Pedestrians do not have anything to protect them from the physical forces that are released in accidents or from the environment around them. This makes them much more susceptible to suffering catastrophic injuries or deaths when they are in accidents. A recent report shows that pedestrian fatalities have sharply … [Read more...]

Underreported elder abuse a major problem in nursing homes

Underreported elder abuse is a major problem in nursing homes according to recent studies. An increasing number of Californians are living longer, and some are living into their 90s. As people grow older, they may need nursing home care. Unfortunately, nursing homes are the setting of many cases of abuse and neglect. A recent federal audit demonstrated that nursing home abuse is a serious problem, and some nursing homes fail to report abuse that has happened to law enforcement agencies and … [Read more...]

California Forklift Accident Attorney | Los Angeles Injury Lawyer

As a California forklift accident attorney, I know that these incidents happen all too often throughout our state from urban areas like Los Angeles to more rural settings like the San Joaquin Valley and other agricultural areas.  According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, an average of 34,900 people are injured and 85 are killed in powered industrial truck accidents in the U.S. every year. There are some common scenarios that happen in accidents involving these machines, and … [Read more...]

California Scaffolding Injury Lawyer

As a California scaffolding injury lawyer, I know that injuries sometimes happen in and around construction sites from Los Angeles to many other parts of the state.  These incidents usually occur when the scaffolding collapses or construction workers or other persons fall from them. When these accidents happen, the victims may be killed or receive catastrophic injuries. When workers are injured or killed in scaffold accidents, the victims or their families may recover compensation from several … [Read more...]