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As injury attorneys West Covina, we know that anyone can experience an accident at any time and at almost any place. Accidents have many causes and often result from the actions or negligence of others. The victims of such accidents will require the assistance of an award-winning law firm that has helped hundreds of people in the San Gabriel Valley including Covina, El Monte and Baldwin Park, obtain compensation for injuries related to auto accidents, slip and falls, trucking collisions, motorcycle and other types of mishaps.

Why is West Covina and the San Gabriel Valley Prone to Motor Vehicle Collisions

Statistically speaking, West Covina and the various surrounding communities in the San Gabriel Valley have a higher percentage of motor vehicle accidents than other parts of Los Angeles County.  Most experts attribute this to the fact that the area is a transportation hub for both east-west and north-south traffic on busy freeways the Interstate 10, the 210 Pasadena Freeway, the 60 freeway, the 57 freeway and the 605 motorway.  This leads to common accident scenarios such as stop and go traffic rear-enders, intersection collisions, crashes caused by unsafe lane changes and even head-on wrecks caused by distracted driving or drivers being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

How a West Covina Accident Lawyer Can Help

Personal injury law is designed to help individuals who suffer injuries in mishaps that are the fault of someone else. A personal injury lawyer can help these victims take civil action against those deemed responsible for the purpose of receiving compensation. An attorney will help to guarantee that the victim receives an adequate monetary award to pay for the cost of medical care and any personal suffering or losses that may have resulted from the accident.

Individuals, property owners, businesses and other organizations can be held responsible for personal injuries suffered by other parties. However, the process of proving liability and obtaining damages can be complicated. This is why the victims of accidents need legal assistance to ensure that they will receive fair treatment under the law.

There are different aspects of the law that pertain to the issue of personal injury. The basis for most cases involves negligence on the part of someone or something. Under this principle, the responsible party did something that could be considered careless. The justification for any liability case is that the actions of the defendant went contrary to what a “reasonable” person would do under the same set of circumstances. One example would be a driver who greatly exceeded the posted speed limit and lost control of his vehicle, leading to a collision with another car. Another case could involve a business owner who failed to clean up water that had accumulated on the floor, causing a customer to slip and fall.

In order to prevail in a personal injury case, the injured party must prove that the defendant had a responsibility to protect others and failed to do so, and that the injuries directly resulted from these actions. A personal injury lawyer will work diligently to prove exactly who is culpable in order guarantee the successful outcome of the claim.

In cases of strict liability, the defendant can be deemed responsible without the need to prove actual negligence. Dog bites represent the largest number of cases in this category. Product liability is a type of strict liability in which manufacturers and sellers can be held responsible for injuries suffered by the users of defective products. An intentional wrongdoing involves the purposeful harm of one person by another, and these cases can involve both criminal and civil action against the defendant. A personal injury attorney understands the intricacies of the law and will use this knowledge to the best interests of each client.

Anyone injured in an accident should immediately seek medical attention and gather as much information as possible about the mishap. The victim should also seek the services of a West Covina personal injury attorney, who will do what is necessary to assure both justice and adequate compensation.

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