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Do you Have a Personal Injury Case?

Have you been in a recent car accident or other incident causing  injury that was not your fault and need an experienced Huntington Beach injury attorney? Besides having to deal with the physical and emotional pain, you may be wondering if and how a personal injury attorney can help. Furthermore, if you are located in the Orange County area of California, finding a personal injury attorney in Huntington Beach, CA may be on your mind as well.

The first step to take after you have been hurt or involved in an accident is to see if your case is worthy of pursuing in the legal system. A personal injury attorney will see if this case is worth money by investigating the case. He or she may begin by asking you questions about the incident, as well as contacting any witnesses. The attorney will also gather all reports, including any applicable police reports or medical records. Furthermore, the attorney will set up the insurance claims and take other appropriate action to get the claims filed and the process begun.

Huntington Beach, Attorney, Personal Injury Lawyer, Orange County CANext, if your case has merit, the attorney will act as an intermediary between you and the insurance company or your employer. If you deal with them directly about the incident, you may say something you did not mean to say or you may be taken advantage of by an insurance representative whose job it is to minimize (or eliminate) payment on the claim. Your attorney will know all the laws as they apply to you, and he or she will make sure that they are adhered to. In addition, if there is a money claim, your personal injury will negotiate for a higher amount, in hopes to get you the best outcome.

However, not all personal injury cases are settled out of court. While negotiation and mediation are always first choices, some cases must be filed as a law suit. Your attorney will be able to prepare the documents necessary to file a complaint in court. Then your attorney will start preparing for trial by further interviewing witnesses or others involved in the case. Your medical records are very important, and your attorney may even interview your health practitioner to make sure there are not any discrepancies. A personal injury attorney also prepares questions for deposition, and gathers all evidence to be shown at trial. Of course, your attorney will represent you in court. If the outcome of the case is not in your favor, the attorney will analyze whether an appeal is necessary of not.

In any case, make sure you choose a reputable attorney in the Huntington Beach area, conveniently located between Los Angeles and San Diego.

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